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High Visibility Workwear

01 Dec, 2020

A key feature of polymer soluble dyes is high solubility that they exhibit in engineering plastics. Therefore, they provide high transparent shades which makes them the preferred choice for car- and signal-lights over pigments. Pigments used, in general results in more opaque coloristic.

Yellow waistcoats worn by emergency services are a common example.

Also on airports, among highways and railways or near any moving vehicles, people are wearing this type of work wear.

It's also quite common for cyclists to wear such colors when riding among motor vehicles.

Following, our recommended products from PHILODEN" for mass colored (melt spun) fibers and filaments:

Special Requirements on Colorants:

For high quality polyester workwear as typically used by Police, Fire Fighters or Railway workers, the background fabric has to pass various test in order to become certified. Tests for background material as specified in EN ISO 20471. Testing related to colorant for background material is including Color Coordinates (before and after washing) and selected fastness properties.

Most Used Shades:

  • Yellow (Lemon)
  • Orange

Rarely Used:

  • Red


  • Polyester Fiber

Molded Items/Films:

  • Various EPL's

Thermic Forming Processes e.g.:

  • Meltspinning
  • Spunbond
  • Meltblown
  • Injection Molding

Download PDF : 16032021010314.pdf

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